How to turn your home into a place you can truly relax

How to turn your home into a place you can truly relax

by | Creating Space, Decor

Beyond mindfulness and meditation, coming home to a space that allows you to truly relax is something I believe we should all make one of our top priorities.

When I am working in my studio or at home, I always tell myself ‘Messy desk, messy head’ especially when I have a lot of stuff to do and I feel overwhelmed – The same thinking applies to my home. I love things to have their own place so I always know where to find them, and, I hate clutter. Good storage is a huge must for me but beside being tidy and organised there are so many other ways to make our homes a peaceful place to be.

Your home should be a place you can escape to and a place where you can shield yourself from life’s frustrations. To increase your home’s tranquility, you can transform your home into a haven where you can retreat if you need to release stress or relax. After all that is what our homes should be all about.

You don’t need to hire an interior decorator or Feng Shui specialist to accomplish the atmosphere of relaxation and comfort you want for your home. Instead, you can easily turn your home into the haven you desire with some small adjustments all by yourself.

Try these easy and effective ways to convert your home from simple livable space into your own personal retreat:

1. Add natural elements

Beautifying a space with elements from nature is a great way to make it warm, comforting, and inviting. Here are some ways you can incorporate nature for an instant feel of relaxation:

  • Add flowering plants to back garden that are in view of from the window.
  • Set up wind chimes in locations that catch the breezes during the day.
  • Install a fish tank and fill it with
  • Add pieces of dried nature that you have found in the great outdoors to areas that your display small pieces of decor.

2. Install dimming lights

Instead of spending money to convert a single room in your home to a center for relaxation, why not install light dimming controls in every room? With these controls, you can easily change the ambience in any room of your home and instantly achieve comfort and relaxation!

3. Paint your private space a soothing colour

Whether you like to retreat to your bedroom, bathroom or living room, changing the paint colour on the walls can instantly convert your private space into a haven. For a soothing effect, you could use light shades of blue on the walls. You’ll instantly feel the calm energy when you walk into the space.

4. Use aromatherapy

Aromatic scents can infuse a sense of calm in your mood. Try these methods of filling your home with pleasing, relaxing scents:

  • Scented candles
  • Flowering plants that have natural aromas
  • Aromatic herbs like dried lavender that could be placed around the house.
  • Essential oil aromatherapy diffuser
  • Incense burners
  • Essential oil room and linen sprays

5. Refresh the living space with new seating

Look at the space where you spend the most time and think about whether the seating is really doing the job if should be doing – making you feel comfortable and allowing you to truly relax. 

You could try a total refresh and replace all of the old sofa’s and chair with new cosy ones.

If your room is quite busy, choose a sofa or chair with a more neutral colour.

Or try adding a reclining chair – Always a great addition to any space! When you get home from a tough day at the office, spend some time relaxing in your recliner. You’ll be surprised at how much help it can be.

These are only some of the easy ways you can turn your home into a haven for relaxation. And the best part is that you can actually make these minor changes, adjustments and additions on your own. There’s no need to get professional help from an outside source.

You alone know what you need to feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Let your home bring you a peaceful feeling every time you step into it!