Ready to set some big goals and manifest the business of your dreams?

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Journal and Planner Bundle!

Here’s what’s included:

The I Set My Intention Planner & Journal is the perfect tool to help you set your intentions each month under the full moon and new moon according to the zodiac so that you can focus on manifesting them into being.

Finding some time each month to relax into your thoughts and set intentions is a great way to practice mindfulness and create a 2-weekly self-care ritual. Sometimes, getting quiet and going within is all we need to get some clarity on where we want to go, what we want to accomplish and how we are feeling about where we are right now.

Let your thoughts come to the surface, and allow yourself to immerse yourself in them for a little while with journaling sections for each New Moon and Full Moon.

Wealth and Abundance Bundle – Get ready to set beautiful intentions and invite in wealth and abundance with our bundle.

The Bundle includes:

⚡️Guided Meditation for Wealth & Abundance
⚡️Money Mindset Journal Prompts
⚡️70 Abundance Affirmation Cards (Digital)
⚡️Ultimate Guide to Crystals for Wealth & Abundance
⚡️Blank Money Manifestation Cheque

Law of Attraction Fresh Start Journal – Ask yourself the right questions, immerse yourself in your dreams, needs and greatest aspirations and journal your way through to creating a vision for a life that inspires you. This journal goes hand in hand with the Vision Board Workbook.

This workbook includes:

  • Cover page.
  • Journaling prompts with space to write.
  • 6 Colouring pages to help you create a Mindful Mantra’s that helps you stay focused on each area of your life.
  • Free journaling pages.
  • Action planning.
  • Mini Vision Board activity.

Vision Board Workbook – Create your perfect vision and journal your way through to creating a vision board that inspires you to keep on track every single day. Includes journaling prompts, a colouring page mantra to help you stay focused, word of the year activity, goal setting and Vision board planning.

This workbook includes:

  • An introduction on how to create your Vision Board.
  • Journaling prompts
  • Colouring page to help you create a Mantra Mandala that helps you stay focused on your deepest desires
  • Word of the year activities.
  • Goal lists.
  • Vision board planning.

Website Mapping Method Planner – A 6-Week action plan for nailing down your website. It includes 7 key sections to journal your way through and action planning pages to help you get ready to build your website.

Does your website need a lift but you don’t know where to start? If nailing down your website in 6 weeks sounds like a plan, grab a copy of my Website Mapping Method Planner and get started on kicking website shame to the curb. Planning things out before you dive into the building side of creating your website will server you so much better than just handing it off to a website designer and hoping for the best outcome.

Ready to nail your site down and make some amazing decisions?

90-Day Business Goal Planning Printable – Working in 90 day chunks is a great way to keep on track and allows you to stay more productive.

This 90-Day Business Planner PDF Download is the perfect partner to help you keep your business rolling. It includes 17 pages that you can use all year round to map out your business tasks.

Print it out and use it as a desk pad or use them as pages that you can add to your daily planner.

My Business Reflection Guided Meditation and Workbook – This is all about reflecting on your life and business so that you can get things sussed out to prepare you for moving forward with more clarity. It is perfect for when you are in a place where you feel a little lost or indecisive or if you just feel like some quiet reflection time.

What’s included?

  • x1 PDF copy of My Business Reflection Workbook.
  • x1 copy of the Oak Tree Guided Meditation mp3.

Full Moon Crystal Grids LayoutsA set of 3 crystal grids that you can use for meditation, intention setting or full moon rituals – The perfect tool for your manifestation altar or you could print them and frame them to decorate your space.

Ready to get manifesting that dream business?